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The Blessing Club:

Free Charity Click Web Sites. Donate with a simple click...for free.

The Hunger Site:
Donate Food to Less Priviliged People for Free; A Click on this Site is All That is Needed.
The Rainforest Site:
Visitors to The Rainforest Site can save a free area of rainforest with the "click of a button." These donations, distributed by The Nature Conservancy, are paid for by The Rainforest Site's sponsors.
The Kids AIDS Site:
More than 1.3 million children are infected with HIV. Your click on this site will help provide 23 hours of nursing care today - time dedicated to preventing and treating childhood AIDS.
The Breast Cancer Site:
Your click on this site will help provide 37 underprivileged women with access to a mammogram this month; early detection saves lives.
The Landmine Site:
Your click on this site will help provide 232 minutes of outreach assistance today, helping landmine victims to heal, recover and reclaim their lives.
The Child Survival Site:
Your donation will help provide 1,395 capsules of Vitamin A today - essential nutrition that will help children worldwide survive diseases like measles and malaria.
Your one click will save a life! Donate money for free to help people struck by natural disasters.

The Blessing Club

Provided by Hans, please email me at the email address below if you have charity links to be added here. Any other suggestions, comments and questions are more than welcome.

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