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This page is to help you discover ways of earning money on the web. All the Get Paid To programs mentioned on this page are free to join, international, and no purchases are required.

Earn Money by Reading Email

Earn Money Every Time You Receive An Email at MintMail Why do companies pay you to read their emails? The answer to this is that more and more companies are marketing their products and services online. Intermediate services are the link between the companies and the consumers (you). You register for free at an intermediate's web site and they make sure you receive advertising emails from several companies. For every email you read, the intermediate gets paid and channels a part of that revenue to you. Note that the more programs you join the more money you can earn. The number of emails you receive is influenced by your location and interests that you register.

Top 5 Programs!

Free Internet Provider and Web Host That Pays For Each Visit To Your Site

Join Affiliate Programs: Make Money, Place Ads on Your Web Page

Many companies are willing to pay you when you put their banners or text links on your page. They will pay you when people click on the link, when they sign up (usually for free things), or when they purchase something.

Get Paid While You Are Online (Pay to Surf)

During the last years more and more companies have started to pay people just for being online. You sign up for free at these sites, and you download a small program that will show advertising banners on your screen while you are online. Thanks to the referral programs you can also earn money while the ones that you referred are online. The income can rise a lot when you refer others.

Promote Your Web Site!

Only when you submit your web page to search engines and Internet directories will people be able to find you; only then will your online bussiness prosper. Here you can find a selection of free search engine submission programs. You don't have to purchase, it is simply for free.

Beware of 'Get Rich Fast Scams'

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